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2016 Hit List

The deer in the top section of this page were also on the "2015 hit list". You can see their 2015 picture along with their 2016 picture!
These are our "2015 Hit List" holdovers.
A-Bomb Cam Photos-2016 A-Bomb Cam Photos-2015
A-Bomb 2016 A-Bomb 2015
Apollo Cam Photos-2016 Apollo Cam Photos-2015
Apollo 2016 Apollo 2015
Blaze Trail Cam Photos-2016 Blaze Trail Cam Photos-2015
Blaze 2016 Blaze 2015
Hedgehog Trail Cam Photos-2016 Hedgehog Trail Cam Photos-2015
Hedge Hog 2016 hedge Hog 2015
Mr Right Cam Photos-2016 Mr Right Cam Photos-2015
Mr Right 2016 Mr Right 2015
Roy Boy Trail Cam Photos-2016 Roy Boy Trail Cam Photos-2015
Roy Boy 2016 Roy Boy 2015
Super 6 Cam Photos-2016 Super 6 Cam Photos-2015
Super 6 2016 Super 6 2015

Here are More Pictures of our "2016 Hit List"!
trail cam pictures 1 trail cam pictures 2
Ace Bull
trail cam pictures 3 trail cam pictures 4
Cyborg Howie
trail cam pictures 5 trail cam pictures 6
Jordan Lefty
trail cam pictures 7 trail cam pictures 8
Leo Monte & Roy Boy
trail cam pictures 9 trail cam pictures 10
Se7en & Monte Tower