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Hunting Locations

Here at Hickory Hill we hunt close to 4,000 acres that we have managed for trophy whitetail bucks since 2000. We own approximately 400 acres and lease another 3,500 acres from our neighbors. We have lived here all our lives and pride ourselves on being respected by the community. All of our property is posted and patrolled for tresspassing. Our properties are made up of crop fields (corn, soybeans & alfalfa), rolling hills, creek bottoms, pasture & timber, with alot of fence rows ,bottlenecks, and funnel ares. We plant food plots of milo(sorgham) in the spring, and buck forage oats, winter peas, and all top turnips in late summer. We feed corn in feed boxes in the winter and keep mineral out year round. We are always looking for new leases and ways to improve our property, and welcome any suggestions from our hunters.

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